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    I just so happens one of the topics presented to all mechanical engineering students at MIT in the late 70s was the "aluminum can." Actually, we focused on the Coca Cola aluminum can. More than twenty hours studying a red aluminum can. Bill's video was twelve minutes, but I learned only about fifty times more than I got from the twenty hours at MIT.


    I want to try telling your how much I LOVE your video.

    Bill, I love engineering more than almost anyone could believe. I don't know why I love engineering so much, but usually I kind of hate the way it is discussed or practiced. Your video is a glorious exception.

    I love how you appreciate the ubiquitous-usually-taken-for-granted.

    I love how you see ingeniunousness, where mundane is more obvuous..

    I love how you make it human, threading in the math that is a lot of what makes engineering something different from other ways making things.

    I can see excitement in your expression as you explain details right in front of me that I have not seen before. I am thrilled to be part of the same profession as one of yours.

    You are setting an example I can try emulating as I attempt entering a new phase in my career, where I must reallocate my time from engineering to teach engineering, because the system I am blessed beyond anything I could ever deserve to have been hired to build, according to my math, a system that cannot be built by my efforts alone. So I must teach. And I am scared to death.

    You have shown me real teaching that would certainly be effective if am able mimic enough of the essential qualities demonstrated in your video.

    And of course, the substance of what you explain is absolutely fascinating, even breath taking.

    So again, thank you for for teaching me. It means as much as anything I know.
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    This was so great! And as I read the YouTube comments to see if my take on this is the same as what others perceive, it appears I'm not the only one mesmerized by the way Engineer Bill explained such a seemingly mundane process. Truly, this renews my faith in human beings. While some of them are out there complaining about things that aren't fair and telling us the world is going to end, guys like Bill are manufacturing half a trillion cans of pop and beer. From 70% recycled aluminum. And making the neck of the cans narrower to save more than a jetliner's worth of materials.

    You are going to an awesome teacher. I know this because I've learned so much from you! Remember when you explained to me how to make a copy of a program for James Husum, and all the parts that needed to be connected and put into the proper directories? And that you were nervous I wouldn't understand it? Everything was crystal clear to me, I didn't even have to ask any questions after I watched the video because I knew exactly what I needed to do, and why I needed to do it. You say it's because I'm a fast learner, but did you ever consider that you are also a pretty good explainer?

    Also, did you notice all the nice animations and graphics that supplemented Engineer Bill's presentation? I think those were important, and I bet I could help with those. :Artist:

    Engineer Bill is definitely someone to emulate. I think I'll go watch some more of these. So much to learn!

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