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    Profit Bricks charges $5 for static IPs. Here is the correspondence:


    Hi Dan,

    All IP addresses that are not reserved have a possibility of changing when a server reboots. Currently, any servers using the following IP addresses:,

    ...will not change if the server reboots. At this time you do not have any DHCP IP addresses assigned.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist with.


    David Biers
    System Administrator
    ProfitBricks, Inc.
    Support Hotline: 1-866-936-0764

    Response back
    I had no idea about this. So that means that 10% of the cost of my server is to keep the IP? That seems awful high.

    What about electricity costs? Are they included, or is it an extra $100/hour to have electricity provided?

    I mean seriously, this seems like a trick. Modest pricing for everything, but then nail your customer to keep the server running, because if the ip address changes, the server is not going to keep running without some maintenance I never have considered before. Is my server the only one that gets really unuseful when the IP address changes?

    Am I correct in understanding, the DHCP IPs are the ones subject to change?

    I am in the process of setting up more than 20 servers and the bill is going to be more than $100 per month to hold onto IPs.... I am really disappointed by this.

    Most of my servers are used for development, so entering reboot at the command line is pretty routine for me. Now, you are telling me that every time I do that I risk big time agony over the IP. Wow.

    So I need protection from IP change, but I did not expect that to cost the same as 250G of disk. Oh well.

    afterthought, I can be a real jerk

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