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Discussion in 'Website Design' started by Dan Allen, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Thanks to WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, the first three huge powerhouses of website software for the common person, a few basic terms have become too complicated to understand. No one agrees on definitions for these important terms. These are my definitions.

    A Web Page

    A web page is what loads in a browser when you surf to a URL

    A Web Post

    A web post is a record added to a database for display on a website. A post can be displayed by it self on a page or it can be displayed with other posts. A website can have many different kinds of posts.

    Too much to explain now.

    1. I am typing a post into a website now. Here is a screen shot of what that looks like


    2. Here is a closer view of the table where threads are stored by this system. Threads are a kind of post.


    3. Replies to threads are another kind of post, stored in a different table in this system, which is called xf_post. Here is a shot of some data from the xf_post data.


      There is no reason that threads have to be in a different table than replies to threads. That is just the way XF did it.

    4. I created my blog for the purpose of getting a handle on what pages and posts are. Since I was unclear how websites worked, I used the term blurb for post. The way I add to my website is to create a blurb. Here is a screen shot of a blurb I am making on my website right now.


      Pushing the submit button on both posts to see what we have so far.
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    Here is a shot at how the post came out on its own page on my blog. I know the styling is aweful. The same post appears on another website that needs to come out of mothballs, where the styling is a little better. The missing pictures at the top provided by the other site, which is offline. Good example of bad coupling.


    Here is a shot at the edit screen on my blog:



    That last field, dogPiece, tell the blog where to put this post. Tac, the default, means do not display publicly. To put it in the public sidebar, I will change it to something else, I don't remember now.
    The position field is used for ordering the entries.



    So now, the front page of the site has that entry at the top.

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    yes, I took those pictures in Vermont. All except the one of me driving a Forumla 1 car. That isn't really me.

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