I Don't Want to be A Guru, but I Don't Want to be 2nd Rate Either

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    Wired Magazine says David Pollack is a programming guru.


    I want to call him and see if he can take a look at one of my programming problems. I want to know what he things about it.

    He makes a CMS called Telegram, "Simply Beautiful CMS. Telegram lets anyone who can use Word or a text editor create a beautiful web site, blog, or any other web presence! Telegram is for me so I can blog. Telegram is for my kids' school so the web site is up to date. Telegram is for restaurants so they can publish their daily menu from Dropbox. Telegram is for open source projects like Lift to publish a web site. "

    Telegram is not simply beautiful. It is simple and versatile. While simple and versatile can be appealing, and in narrow, temporary circumstances beautiful, genuine beauty takes more than simplicity. Telegram probably is more developed into a product than my stuff. I need to rectify that.

    No point in calling him at this point. I clicked around and started reading things he has written that focused on programming issues I don't usually think about. I need to get up a learning curve to understand what David is all about.

    His discussion about web development technology at this link is fascinating and puzzling to me. When I started reading it, I was humbled and reminded how ignorant I am about everything. Unfortunately, my problem is worse. Now that I read his analysis, I don't understand why he thinks any of that stuff is important. He is talking about the coupling of content and program logic, saying that you never want program logic in your display pages, as if it is a given that you don't want to do that.

    This code is for a display page. I think there is programming logic in there, but I don't know for sure what programming logic is.

    I think that means he would hate that program sample. That program makes this:


    Evidently, David has a system for understanding program I need to understand better. I don't understand what he is suggesting. I cannot evaluate what he is saying until I understand it.

    David likes lift. Here is some information about Lift:
    Welcome to the Lift Web Framework
    Lift provides the best features for building interactive web applications:
    • Super simple and wicked powerful Ajax and Comet coding. This lets you build more interactive, user-friendly sites.
    • Amazingly concise code with the powerful type-safety of Scala. This means more time spent coding features and less time writing tests or chasing parameter mis-matches.
    • Runs on all standard JEE (Java) application servers including Jetty, Tomcat, WebLogic, etc. This means you get the performance, scalability and compatibility of the best web infrastructure around.

    I thought the Java guys had been shown it is not necessary to use compiled languages anymore they are not worth the complications. So why is this guy promoting that stuff?
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