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    This is not really step one. Step one is the making a decision learn programming.That's not a simple step. Can't done in just a minute. Making a decision to become programmer is going to happen only after a lot of consideration.

    Even though the decision takes a while to make,It's a simple decision. You're going to learn how to program. Don't know how you doing.You don't know how far you're you'll get with it.You'll you can go farIf you can find the right opportunity.One of the main things we are here forAtLongview computer programmersIs to put you in contact with that opportunity. You do not have to be an accomplished programmer to find work as a programmer. To Start making money programer. Need to be able to program a little bit.You need to find someone who needs that type of program worked done.And you get to that point you're in the computerDid you use for learning to program.That is going to need to be a decent computer. My recommendation is you buy a 2012 modelMac ProWith 12 core processorDual 64 processorsWith32 game plan. A great place to buyIs IPower toI'll $1600Plus have to buy monitorUsable monitor for about $200Maybe little lessYou want to spend less in computerThat's fine as long as the 16 gig of RAM'

    This post is for what do next.Next to get your hands on a computer that you can program with.That computer is going to need at least 8 GB RAMIt doesn't have 16GB it's going song down. That computer is either going to be a Windows computerI'm backOr a linux machine. NowI'm sure there're other kinds of computers that can be used for programmingYou have to look to some other place to find information about that.

    To get started, the difference whether your computer is windows or Mac. You're going to Linux serverBut that doesn't mean we want your main workstation to be a Linux machine. The choice that you're going to make will be based onYour particular situation. Princess if you've always use Windows computers and you work in a place where everyone uses windows computers and the people you're mind program with Rollins Windows computers Windows computer.The best choice is going to be a choice make. There are good reasons for sticking with windows there're good reasons for sticking with MacIf you have any idea about we are you're going to be getting paid to program somedayThen you should find out whether they runWindows servers are notIf they run Windows servers you want to learn Windows programINGThreeRunning windowsComputer would make senseSame goes for Apple

    You should not worry to step you should take time to discuss it with people a good place to discuss it is this form talk your friends about anybody fineYou get to a point where you know what you want to doIt's best to take a time need to get to the point where you really made up your mind and have a solid idea of why you can go a certain direction if you justPicked randomly without a real reasonYou're going in and out having toCome back to the subject to understand things that you really should be figuring figuring out this stuff.

    That's it that's the first or after you've made a decision program got to get a computer to computer is not easy. Programmers templates hide demands on their computersThat's why you didn't need at least eightThe ram don't have itAll you'll learned from that is that you don't have enough RAMGo very slow a lot of the time. Someone is going to tell youThat what I just wrote is bullshit. You should ignore them, But you should not take my word for thatYou should find out why they thinkMy vice tomorrowShouldInvestigate subject come to your own conclusionFind to disagree with me I don't care.

    There is it that much more to do learned programmingUntil you got that computer hand. See you then.
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