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    I've spent the whole day sorting through the product problem. I totally have a handle on it, but I can't say that. I have to deliver a product that has it built in.

    Holly summed up the problem nicely, when she said, "I've been calling everything products." I know you ahve been aware of confusion in this area. So the moment has come to resolve it. This is why the data loader had to be made. Can you imagine trying to pick through this data without already having stable, repeatable, visible process for for generating it? This is the first problem identified with the data conversion since the data loader was put together. You always need a data loader for conversions. No one can do a perfect conversion on the first try. You can plan on repeating it hundreds of times, but then you will know it's right when you're done.

    There is no time now for any of this for Holly. She has been unbelievably patient but now she is rightfully nervous. I have done my form of meticulous work on the data loader today, and a few minutes ago, I lost track of a small but intricate set of code I had deleted to facilitate adding fields to really pin down what is going on the part of the dataLoader added today, the part that ties Holly's ~40 products to MemberMouses's 276 products. The way it works out makes sense and the confusion is caused by one the common causes: multiple uses for one word, in this case, "product." Rather than explain all the entanglements, I will tell you the net. The net is Holly has ~ 40 products with 276 payment options for those plans.

    She has some parts of some products not tied to any of those payment options. That is the result of some products through htts/member mouse being controlled by MM's "member levels". The only uses of that are for moderators, who get access to everything, and to all members, by virtue of their registration as "free members." That is how you get access Flash Fiction and a number of other things only by being registered at HTTS.

    After sorting all the stuff related to products, we have this set of stuff with no pricing, because pricing is done through MM products. The net of that is a small set of data looks like this:

    It's kind of hard to figure out what to do that, isn't it?

    So, I have worked it up into something that ultimately Holly might have to look at, and the last thing I want at that is simple questions I can't answer without explaining what "is" means.

    That is pretty much done, but there is this little block of code that is crucial that I lost a handle on.


    Part of that SQL statement is missing. There are ways to get it back. There are copies of it pbeta, in the drops, and I can hit ctrl-z and go back to before my change but that undoes the changes I want to keep and even though I know how to do that... how about this?

    Video demo of using backup to recover code just lost, with bonus footage on the topic of page source
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