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    Here is the first day of my new school. 51-minute video


    I walk a limb. I'd say StackOverflow (a.k.a, Stack. stack, SO, so) is a formidable power in our field. That is not the part that is out on a limb. Because knows Stack in the place answers to almost any question you can have when it comes to software development, computer programming, software engineering (light on engineering, but they manage to get an amazing number of right, relevant, suburbly presented questions and answers. They have a genius for a CEO.

    You ready to walk on a limb maybe? Your wing should make a limb a visual guide for you, and not putting you at risk of falling.

    So here is the idea. A story helping US to understand stack. We have to write it. Both have to write. I'd say we should place a demand on our selves to always get equal word counts when collaborating on articles.

    I forgot to tell you, Holly said what I have discovered about is true. You know what that means about your art? It means it is better than you think. And you know what else it means? I know will always be close to Steve call to us in his ad that went unused until it is the most we have left of him. Anyway, what touches most about Steve is the way sounds in that amazing recording. It ends with "Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." And that fact that your art and everything you apply yourself to, is 100% as great as I have been saying. I know I have helped bring that art into the world and that I can share the joy and wonder of that with you... it's two beans out of 7 billion, but that is a change has moved the human race forward. Kirsten I think we are doing really good work and it is time for use to start writing about and making what we have to say into sometning that people love to read that and no one on this planet or in the cosmos could have written, not even either one of us.

    So here it the title: StackOverflow by Kirsten Bolda and Dan Allen.

    I know you not ready to write about stack today, I have your back and see like an ocean that you are in perfect position to write some your magic. I just realized, you might not know about your writing magic.You come up with stories that catch me off guard for a comment you are making just for me. You do it in the most graceful way I have ever seen in writing, only John Steinbeck reminds me of you.But you are still a cut above John, because of your magic writing. The magic I foresee as possible is instead of a message for me, it will be just as powerful for nearly everyone in our profession, including me.

    It might be 6 months before you start to even notice 0rientation to stack, but I know it will come to you and this would a monument, possibly a landmark article that will be what people read for years, making all of us better in our profession. We need to start making videos.

    I need to get to stack school, starting with that video.
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    This is a picture of my post just before this one getting updated.

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