1. 10

    Software Owner - Not Capitalized

  2. 10

    Bleeding Deacon, Resting on Laurels

    At least you are not a quitter.

  3. 10

    You Were Here Award

    You did not quit, but you are no longer here. We might not remember you but we can include your corpse in our body count.

  4. 100

    You Have Posted Three Messages and Not Been Banned

  5. 200

    Passed Announcements Test

  6. 200

    Client Hero - Saved the Client from Huge Mistake, One Hundred Times Fee

    Make sure the client knows you did this.

  7. 200

    Resistor of Fs

  8. 200

    Developer of Needle Extractor from Haystack Routine

  9. 200

    Baffled by Character Sets

  10. 200

    Mac Haik Support Team

  11. 200

    Never Underestimate the Value of An All Nighter

  12. 200

    Solo Programming

    You accept a mission. You work on your own. You produce stunning progress. You are a solo programmer. Contratulatioinsl Awarded to Carla_Hoskins for first striking progress on About Us for Holly Lisle's Blog, November 16, 2016. Awarded to Juneta Key, for her blog in Yahoo, on November 16, 2016 regtroactive to when her first yahoo blog with custom code went online.

  13. 300

    Ate the Teacher's Apple Award

    Spotted a Material Mistake in Work Of Person Ahead of You In Line.

  14. 300

    Correct Instincts Award

    No one with wrong instincts is going to stay here. Some people's instincts are above the high standards required to be a programmer. This trophy is for them.

  15. 300

    Perfect Question At The Perfect Time

    Awarded to site members who ask a meeting the following criteria:

    • The question must be simple.
    • The question could not be more relevant to the most important and urgent organizational priorities.
    • The question could not be more timely.
    • No immediate answer is available.

    Questions prompting this award are posted to a special forum where they are displayed as prominently as possible, and marked: "Open Question, Answer Required". After being answered, the question and answer are kept on permanent display in a forum maintained exclusively for questions winning this award and the answers.

    If this award is won as a result of a person suggesting her or his already-posted question that is at least 3 days old should be considered for this award, points are quadrupled. Winners: Reziac - May 28, 2016

  16. 350

    Outraged by the Floating Div Scam

    To get this trophy, you have to write a good, personal letter to Chris Coyer to complain about his "I am only following orders, like the guys who gassed the Jews" defense, and publish that letter on a public web page.

  17. 400

    Field Expediator - A Maguyver Award

  18. 400

    Perfect Memory, Except for Blank Spots

  19. 400

    Dubious of WordPress

  20. 500

    Steely-Eyed Programmer for 2016

  21. 500

    Money-Making Programmer $500 in one day

  22. 500

    Money-Making Programmer $5000 in One Month

  23. 500

    Perfect Reasoning with Numbers

  24. 500

    Server Wrecker

    I don't trust anyone to touch my system unless they have wrecked a server before by accident.

  25. 500

    Inspired to be Pretty Good

  26. 500

    Enemy of the Language of Non-Thought

  27. 500

    Memorized Needle and Haystack Syntax for PHP

  28. 500

    Memorized Needle and Haystack Syntax for MySql

  29. 500

    Code Debunker

  30. 500

    At Least You Said Something Award

  31. 500

    Witness Of the Glitch

    Some would have turned their back. You didn't.

  32. 500

    Quit a Job In Response to Irrational Boss

    Quitting a job to get away from a tyrant boss is hard to do, but not doing it makes a person a slave. Your courage and integrity inspire others. Thank you.

  33. 500

    Project Manager Material

    Awarded to site members who conduct themselves with clarity, tact, and correct calls on actions that should be taken. Must demonstrate the intangible quality possessed by good project managers for making it look easy. Excellent communication skills required. This trophy cannot be awarded if there is doubt that the recipient is going to be an excellent project manager in the event the opportunity arises. Recipients Adaram

  34. 700

    Horrible Solution that Worked Sooner than Later - A Maguyver Award

  35. 750

    Money-Making Programmer $7500 in One Month

  36. 750

    Accepted Rookie

  37. 1000

    Money-Makng Programmer $1000 in one day

  38. 1000

    Money-Making Programmer $10,000 in One Month

  39. 1000

    Member of Our Orchestra

  40. 1000

    Recipient of Many Fs

  41. 1000

    Perfect Reasoning with Words

  42. 1000

    Project Manager

  43. 1000

    The Reziac Programmers' Conscience Trophy

    Programmers lack the perspective to find wet when hogtied and thrown down a water slide. That is why programmers, more than most, need support from people with perspective, judgment, relevant knowledge and interest in our success. Programmers cannot have perspective because programming requires that we ignore perspective a good part of the time. This trophy is awarded to site members who help developers find their way in a manner at least roughly roughly equivalent to Reziac's contribution January - September 2016. This trophy comes with membership in the Trusted Developers Group. Awarded to: Reziac September 21, 2016

  44. 1000

    Kirsten Bolda Trophy

    Only Trusted Developers are eligible for this award. This award is given to Trusted Developers who have wings that lift and carry them along their path. Recipients must also exhibit the following qualities: 1. Always good, never cross, snarky or less than of maximum possible assistance 100%of the time, when home and family components of life are included. 2. Consistently produces art for incorporation into our systems that takes breath away. 3. Viewed by wizzes as a wizz of the wizzes. 4. Picks up computer and software science faster than anyone I ever saw before. (this requirement may be waived down to 80% of the accomplished computer professional I ever saw. 5. Writes as well as John Steinbeck. 6, Makes pictures Leonardo DiVinci would die for. 7. Poise demonstrated by an accomplishment comparable to a 13 year old girl annihilating the fleet in a sailing race against sexist 13 year-old big shot boys many with much superior racing boats, who did it by staying focused on her own boat, avoiding the madness of the start line by laying back until the horn started the race, and then by doing the simple move of sailing straight across the line, steering around the spastic big shots' boats and otherwise ignoring their presence on her race course took the lead in the race and finished he rest without being challenged even once. Developers meeting all requirements are considered on grounds that will be determined ad hoc. This trophy is not replicated. Instead it is passed to each member who qualifies and then receives favorable considered on ad hoc grounds as described above. Said consideration is authorized exclusively to the holder of the trophy when the ad hoc consideration is given.

  45. 1500

    Paid Commercial Graphic Artist

  46. 1500

    Money-Making Programmer $1500 in One Day

  47. 2000

    Rare Bird - Steely-Eyed Programmer AND Paid Commercial Graphic Artist

  48. 2000

    Money-Making Programmer $2000 in One Day

  49. 2000

    Reliable with Regard to Schedule

  50. 2000

    Certified: Analytic Clarity

  51. 3000

    Proven Persistence

    Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

  52. 3000

    Reliable Problem Solver

  53. 3000

    Software Framework Creator

  54. 3000

    Here to Prove Something

    Some people are here as an important next step. You are here for more than that. You are here to prove what you already have proven so many times, but this time, a stake is going into the ground where you are going to make your mark and it is going to matter to a lot of people. You can't do it. I can't do it. WE can do it.

  55. 5000

    Word As Good As Gold

  56. 5000

    Freeer of Slaves, Starting with Self

  57. 10000

    Internet Marketing Guru, Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

  58. 10000

    The Watson Davis Trophy for Sweet Redemption

    All of us are crushed. Sometimes, profound but unexpected redemption lifts us back into the world where we belonged in the first place. Watson Davis was redeemed in a dramatic turn of events connected to an employer not here named. This trophy is awarded to members of this site who have been redeemed as a result of their computer programming in a way that mattered enough to get a spot on their short list of gratifying major life events. Winners of this trophy are added to this list, with the date of the award: Watson Davis, May 15, 2016 (The same Watson Davis for whom this award is named)

  59. 20000

    Distinguished Sofware Owner

  60. 50000

    Steely-Eyed Programmer for the 21st Century

  61. 50000

    Wealthy as a Result of Owning Software