Get Paid to Learn Computer Programming

Can you handle monitoring backups?

system backups are made every hour

If you can, then you are ready to start getting paid while you learn. What you need to provide:
  1. A computer with internet connection. Four gigabytes of RAM (4G) is enough to prove you need eight. Two monitors will help. We will help you setup backups for your computer. You will need an external drive either on the cloud or one you can plug in.
  2. Determination to become a fully qualified computer programmer as quickly as possible.
  3. One thing you do not have to worry about is teamwork.
    1. Jobs We Can Show You How To Do and What They Pay

      • Small changes to a system used to distribute documents to students at a writing school.
      • Join a crew of 4 others who provide ongoing changes to software used by automobile dealerships to keep track of cars they buy and customers they meet with.
      • Build new, in-house websites for automobile dealers who are paying about a half million dollars per year, that is almost $50,000 per dealership every month.
      • On this website, add the ability for the owner of the website to upload ads

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